Auto Dealers Service


Auto Dealers Service

The Master of Automobile Dealership

Yours patrons will enjoy the Master Valet Parking experience, we offer Multi-million dollar insurance coverage and prices that fit your budget.

Our Staff is not a regular valet parking, they are prepared exclusively for Auto Dealers.

  • Regular Customers
  • Test Drivers cars
  • Shuttle Services
  • Services

Objetive: Increase your sales!!!

  • Create a better organization and minimize the parking space for all the test drive cars.
  • Speed the traffic flow between customers cars and test drive cars. Avoiding any incidentes or accidents regarding scratches, hits or any car accident.
  • Help the dealer sales team to minimize all the wasted time trying to find a test drive car or look for a spot to park the car after the test drive.
  • Make each customer visit more comfortable in the Dealer Show Room. And also have the customer avoid the hassle to look for spot to park.