Private Events


Private Events

At Master Valet Parking Inc we often receive inquiries from individuals hosting private parties from their home. In cases where the guest list is quite large, parking can be a problem.

In fact, in some instances, folks shy away from entertaining large groups in their homes because of the lack of adequate parking. The inquiry we received this morning describes a fairly typical scenario:

“I am having a birthday party at my home this summer (Date TBD) with approximately 50-60 guests. I have 4 acres of land but the property will not accommodate parking for all of my guests. I have made parking arrangements with a business down the street that has a large parking lot. I will need a valet service to shuttle my guests back and forth between my house and the parking lot via a car or van. This will be quite the event of the season, so uniformed valets would be a nice touch. Is this a service you provide and if so what would be the estimated cost?”

The short answer is yes.

Oftentimes, folks assume that valet parking service with uniformed staff and shuttle buses for their party or special celebration is cost prohibitive, but you might be surprised to learn how affordable valet service can be.

Don’t let the lack of adequate parking put a damper on the festivities.

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